On every table in the world!
Gastrofoil aims to be the preferred supplier of heating systems for professional and private markets.
With the new and innovative HeatPad from Gastrofoil, your food is kept warm and delicate up to and during service. This innovative product can replace traditional hot plates and heating baths in hotels, restaurants, and catering as well as private kitchens.

The HeatPad can be used with the battery. This option even gives you the freedom to use the HeatPad for outdoor service without access to electricity. The flexible and thin construction makes the HeatPad from Gastrofoil easy to fold, and thus store and transport, making it a unique tool for all types of catering.

Low energy consumption makes the HeatPad an environmentally friendly product. The induction technology ensures that only the surfaces under the pans are kept warm, the rest of the surfaces will stay at room temperature.
Product advantages
Easy to use. Used on any buffet or table, even outdoors.
Unique Norwegian patented invention
Non-hot surface (HSE/Safety)
Hot holding unit (based on induction)
Only 10 millimeters thick
Environmental friendly
Flexible / Can be folded
Low energy consumption
Little storage place
Power-bank (can be used with battery)
Ideal for transportation / Catering
Easy to clean
Where to use
Restaurants/ Cafeterias and cantinas
Cruises and fjord lines
Education (Universities, colleagues, schools, and kindergartens)
Health& Care (hospitals, nursing homes etc.)Product variations provide market access to private households
Shops & Food industry (IKEA, shops with cooked food Sparkjøp, ICA etc)
Our partners
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The design and functionality of the HeatPad are developed based on references from the pilot customers.
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