Gastrofoil AS
Gastrifoil AS is a Norwegian, Narvik-based company which was established in 2007 to develop a pioneer and innovative heating mat "HeatPad" for professional and private kitchens and catering.

HeatPad is a unique, flexible, and thin heating system based on induction which shall replace traditional hot plates and heating baths in hotels, restaurants and catering as well as become an irreplaceable part of private kitchens.

HeatPad is an environmentally friendly product with a low energy consumption.

IR / Patents
The produvt is patented in Norway (pat. No. 320968), EU, USA, Japan, China and Hong Kong. The rights belong to Gastrofoil AS. "Gastrofoil®" is a registrated trademark (Reg. No. 238677).
Ståle Herving
The Inventor
The inventor of the HeatPad is Ståle Herving, who works at the Arctic University of Norway, Campus Narvik as an assistant Professor. Mr. Herving has a degree in Civil Engineering, in Production Engineering, with additional education in economics and marketing. Ståle Herving has established the company Gastrofoil AS to bring this innovative product to the market.
Consists of professional competence in economics, law, technology and hotel & restaurant management.
Hugo Storø
Chairman - Business lawyer
Hugo is a lawyer with commercial law as one of the special disciplines
Einar Paul Øverås
President of the Norwegian Chef´s Association
Einar is president of the Norwegian Chef Association. The organization has 6000-8000 members of the Nordic and Baltic countries. For many years, traveled with the culinary team and participated in championships around the world.
Hilde Dreyer Johansen
Customers Support
Hilde has been director of the Quality Hotel Grand Royal in Narvikfor more than 15 years. She is now director of the Grand Royal Holding AS.
Karl Aksel Vik
Investor, KW invest
Thinking future!
HeatPad pro
Developed in cooperation with the catering industry, and adapted to their needs.

HeatPad home
Somewhat less and with a slightly lower effect than "Gastrofoil" pro for use in homes, holiday homes, boats, camping etc.

HeatPad mini
Gift product that can be labelled with the customer´s logo. Tea or coffeeshops product - Always hot coffee in the cup!

Gastrofoil inductive tableware
Specialized porcelain heated by induction

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